Canon T3i vs T4i

Canon T3i vs T4i : Choose In  After Reading Comparison

Canon T3i

Canon T3i

After the release of the Canon T3i, people were highly satisfied, and were barely seeking for the newer models of Canon T4i and later models. However with the advent of the newer models, consumers would get confused about which models they should buy. Thus before deciding to buy one, you must be ready with full information about the camera, and must read all reviews, specifications, and comparison between Canon T3i and Canon T4i clearly.

Features of the T3i in a nutshell

The T3i is a fantastic camera when it comes to picture shooting and video shooting. Videos can be taken greatly on it. The 18 megapixel camera has a decent resolution, good enough to enlarge all pictures taken by it into poster prints. Moreover, it has great low light sensitivity, making low light shooting awesome. Stunning pictures for street photography, nature, event etc all can be taken by the T3i.

One more beauty of the Canon T3i is the articulating LCD screen for video recording. The screen can be flipped out and moved freely. This is one of the first cameras by Canon to get this feature and design. There is also an external microphone attached to the unit for better sound reception for audio recording.

Canon T4i

Canon T4i

Where the T4i differs

But if you were to consider shooting some high speed moving object, then the Canon T4i is much better. Experts recommend the T4i for sports photography, and for all such moments when speed comes first. The 5 FPS shutter speed of the T4i is impressive and has been improved quite a bit from the 3.7 fps shutter speed of the T3i. Moreover the low light sensitivity has also been improved from the 6400 ISO sensitivity of the T3i to the 12800 ISO sensitivity of the T4i.

An overall comparison

It’s the DIGIC 4 image processor in both the T3i and T4i models, which has enabled such great low light sensitive shooting together with faster image processing and low noise. Both the models comprise of these features and makes quite low noises while photo capturing.

However the shutter speed is high in the T4i making it a better speed photography camera, whereas with a complete set of greatly satisfying features T3i is a good model.

The final verdict

If you want to go for high speed photography, where you will have to take snaps in some racing sports etc, then, you will need the 5 fps shutter speed enabled Canon T4i, which is definitely quite heavily priced than the Canon T3i.

But if you plan to simply take snaps of all other things, daily events, nature, people, holidays, and landscapes etc, then you need not send the extra amount of money for the latest or upgraded model. You should simply pick the best choice, the Canon T3i camera within a reasonable and low price range, and invest any more money you are left with in other related and needed accessories for the Canon T3i. Otherwise, if you are a gadget freak only targeting new gadgets, and never mind paying extra for features which might never come in practical use, then T4i is for you, or perhaps the T5i is.

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