Canon T3i vs T5i

The Canon T3i vs T5i

Canon T3i

Canon T3i

The best buy is yet to be decided by the consumer, but here is a clear comparison of the functionalities of the Canon T3i and the Canon T5i. The Canon T3i had been released earlier after the release of the T1i and T2i models. Those two models have already been outdated and are no more asked for by fresh buyers. However buyers get quite confused about three models which are existing in the market now, and they are the T3i, T4i, and the T5i. But still people mostly ask about the comparison between the T3i and T5i, because T5i is the latest release by Canon, while T3i has been the most popular and talked about cameras in this entire series.

Photo and Video recording

The reasons why T3i got the highlight and became a favorite of most photographers is the high quality pictures and videos that it takes. The video recording features in the canon T3i are exceptional compared to the decent and reasonable price the camera comes with. Here again the T5i has no special remarkable progress in this section.

Low light sensitivity

Low light photography has shown remarkable progress in the T3i with ISO 6400 sensitivity. This has been improved much in the latest T5i model to ISO 25600 sensitivity, making low light photography even more impressive.

Photography on the go at high speed rate

The shutter speed also has been improved, but not in this model. The speed of 3.7 fps in Canon T3i, had been improved to 5 fps in canon T4i, and with the release of the T5i, the speed still remains the same as it was in T4i. This means there is actually no such improvement in this model and the effective increase has been from 3.7 to 5 fps, and this could have been better. Altogether picturing moving objects in high speed, which was good earlier, got little improved with the T5i.

The articulating LCD screen for video recording still remains a feature of attraction in the T5i as it was in the T3i.

Canon T5i

Canon T5i

Panorama image

A feature introduced into the T5i is the Panorama image capture system, which was not there in the T3i. But except very artistic photography, you won’t require the feature. The rest of the body size and functionalities, looks, design and everything matches quite well.

The final decision

The final decision is upon you as the consumer. But as a guide to the consumers, experts would recommend going for the Canon T3i. The reasons are that, with this model you will get all you may require for photography, except the features of low light sensitivity and high frame rate video, which have been made better in the T5i. You should be better satisfied with T3i, when you are not seeking for simply the latest gadgets, but really think upon your needs and your expectations from a gadget. Moreover, the price of the Canon T3i is quite decent compared to the minimal extra benefits and high price offered by the Canon T5i.

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