Special Facts About The Canon T3i Features

Canon’s Rebel series is best known for offering DSLR cameras which are affordable at price and professional at use. Of all the cameras in this series, the Canon T3i is one camera that offers point and shoots photography as it has a lot of automatic features, and then at the same time options for manual adjustments in lenses and exposure is also available.

Some of the Canon T3i features of the camera which makes it very much desirable among camera lovers are:

  • The Canon T3i offers an 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor which enables the unit to shoot at 5184×3456 pixels.
  • There is a built in flash that makes shooting in low light hassle free.
  • Images get captured in RAW and jpeg simultaneously.
  • Articulated LCD viewfinder
  • The unit offers manual as well as automatic exposure control.

Canon T3i Features is for Fun

Canon T3i is the first Rebel series camera that has a Vari-angle Clear view LCD screen which is 3 inches in size that enables clear and bright viewing of the LCD from any angle. Due to the Vari-angle screen it becomes convenient for the photographer to capture overhead or low angle shots with much convenience.

There are special filter effects that can be applied to the photo without making any change to the original photo. These special filters include:

  • To get a nostalgic touch to the photo, there is a grainy black and white filter that would remind you of the days left behind.
  • By applying soft focus filter the shiny reflections can be smoothed that gives a soothing effect to the photo.
  • Toy Camera filter would help you unleash your creative side by letting you add color shift and vignetting for flicks which are very colorful.
  • In case the photographer wants to give the appearance of a small scale model to the photo the one that one will get while using tilt-shift lens, the miniature effect filter will come handy.

Taking close up pictures or video becomes cake walk

Without compromising on the quality, the Canon T3i offers additional zoom power even while shooting full HD video. The magnification range varies from 3X to 10X while shooting at the HD mode. With the digital zoom that is offered by the camera, shooting distant objects where you or your lens can’t go becomes very easy. You will never miss the expression of the goal keeper on missing the save in the soccer ground ever.

Other Canon T3i Features

The shutter speed of the Canon T3i is at 3.7 frames per second which allows the photographer to take pictures of moving objects. Also, the ISO range offered in the camera is 100-6400 that allows low light shooting even without a flash. However, as mentioned earlier, in case you need additional light, there is an in built flash that will take care of your requirement of additional light.

The canon T3i is a complete camera that will come to the use of a novice photographer as well as a pro. The price of the camera has been set at a range that makes it affordable for the common man as well.

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