Canon T3i Pros and Cons

The Canon T3i Pros and Cons

Canon T3i

Canon T3i

Planning to purchase the latest camera that has hit the stands? Before you make your choice it is important that you know about the pros and cons about the same as that will put you at a better place to decide which one to buy and which one to reject. When it comes to the Canon T3i, while the list of pros is much lengthier than that of the cons, it is still always a good habit that you go through the entire list of Canon T3i pros and cons before you make the final selection.

Whenever we talk about a camera, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the camera is going to be easy to handle and whether it will be able to take quality pictures. While the answer to the second question is generally a Yes, sadly the answer to the first question (in case of high end cameras) is a No. Fortunately for the Canon T3i both the answers are yes that makes your photography experience not only a beautiful one, but also a comfortable one. Given below are some acknowledged Pros of the Canon T3i camera.

A user friendly unit

The Canon T3i is one of those camera units which make the photographer very comfortable while capturing flicks as the unit has the following features:

  • It is lighter than other cameras that host similar features. At just above a 1000g the weight of the camera is just right to be handled with ease.
  • The menu option in the camera is pretty simple and not at all complicated.
  • Enables shooting at even low lights.

Other technical advantages

Technically the Canon T3i has got some features which makes the list of pros a pretty lengthy one. Some of the major technical highlights are:

  • Excellent ISO sensitivity
  • The 18 MP sensor delivers high quality outputs even at low lights
  • The rear LCD screen is articulating
  • Self cleaning sensor
  • Excellent shutter speed that makes it easy to take photographs of moving objects
  • 3 Auto focus modes and 9 focus points

The best point about the Canon T3i is that this is DSLR camera that comes at a pretty affordable price which does not put pressure on the pocket as well.

The cons of the camera

Every coin has two sides; likewise every unit along with some pros will have some cons. Let us take a look at the cons of the camera.

  • Slower frame rate
  • With lenses attached the balance is slightly front heavy that makes photo shooting a bit uncomfortable at times.
  • LCD Panel is not available on the top of the camera
  • AF Micro adjustment feature is not available.

Whether you should select a camera or not would depend on whether the list of pros is more or the list of cons is more. As per this understanding, the Canon T3i should be a definite choice as the cons that the camera has are negligible when compared with the various pros that the camera has to offer. Also Check out this Canon T3i Bundle deals!

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